My Daily Life

Friday 22nd of November 2019

Hi, my name is Chloe and this is a blog entry on my daily life. I am in Year 6 in St Mary's RC Primary school and have done and am doing some interesting things that I would like to share! Read further to hear about them.

Here is a link to our school website.

My younger sister Sophie has let me read a book, it's called Magical Kingdom of birds The sleeping hummingbirds, and is written by Anne Booth. It is illustrated by Rosie Butcher. When I have finished it, I will let you know what I liked and didn't like.

Today, at school, in English class, I was writing the story of Macbeth in the work book. A few people, including me, wrote diary entries from Macbeth's point of view, some on paper and some on chrome books. It was fun and challenging but I didn't care. One of my favorite sentences/clauses was 'thoughts swirling round my mind like a whirlpool of emotion'. The NSPCC came to our school to tell us about safety and we had an NSPCC workshop. In science class, we labelled parts of the human body and searched on google chrome what they do. It was a fun lesson but also hard and challenging, like in English. We did science for an hour and a half and English for about two hours. There all the lessons I did in school but we also had our lunch break for an hour and five minutes and a small snack during class time. Tomorrow, I will tell you about the lessons I do that day and about the Physical Education session we do every Friday.